The Little Station

The Little Station might have been the first railway station in Port Hope, on the Grand Trunk Railway.

It was built in the mid 1850’s as a stop on the way to Lindsay and Beaverton. Because of its low gable roof and three foot overhand with elaborate brackets it is believed to have been a fully functioning passenger station with benches, a pot bellied stove, and a ticket wicket. When a new station was built in 1856, the Little Station became a baggage shed. Once again it became too small (this time for all the luggage) so it was donated to a railway employee who later donated it to the ACO, who then in turn lent it to the yacht club for its use. In 2018, it was moved again to its current site in Lent Lane. It was restored and rehabilitated with a new lower level, and is now the new home of the Critical Mass, to re-imagine its use and to transform it into a small center for contemporary art!

The Little Station is finally, proudly placed, back where it belongs, on the old Grand Trunk Line!