Our Team

By the Community

For the Community

Critical Mass is operated by a volunteer group of curators, artists, and art enthusiasts in and around the Port Hope and Northumberland area.

If you would like more information about our Board of Directors, and/or have an interest in joining a team, please contact us at info@criticalmassart.com.

Back, left to right: Jason Schmidt, Philip Goldsmith, Anna Tucka, Sarah Jacob, Charles Wickett

Front: Miles Bowman (ft. Gus Schmidt), Debbie Beattie

Executive Committee

Miles Bowman | President (and, occasionally, Goose)

Alex Kirkham | Secretary

Sarah Yoo | Treasurer

Charles Wickett | Past President

Directors at Large

Sarah Jacob

Joanne Marrison 

Liz Parkinson

Jason Schmidt

Anna Tucka

Curatorial Committee

Alex Kirkham | Committee Chair

Debbie Beattie | Curatorial Member

Fiona Crangle | Artist, Curatorial Member

Kelly Kirkham | Artist, Curatorial Member

Brynley Longman | Artist, Curatorial Member

Liz Parkinson | Artist, Contributing Curatorial Member

Fundraising Committee

Jason Schmidt | Committee Chair

Paul Godin | Committee Member

Joanne Marrison | Committee Member

Communications Committee

Miles Bowman | Committee Chair

Debbie Beattie | Committee Member

Rosalie Byrnes | Contributing Committee Member

Summer Students

Made possible through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Madeleine Sinnott | Summer Student 2019

Connor Holmes | Summer Student 2018