Artist Interventions at the Port Hope Fall Agricultural Fair, 2012

Port Hope Fair Grounds,
Sept 14 – 16, 2012

A window installation on Walton Street, created by Liz Parkinson and Fiona Crangle, announced Critical Mass’s first community project. An open call was made to artists to participate in the Fall Fair. Local artists, as well as guest artists from Montreal and Toronto responded to the call. “Artist Interventions” were surreptitiously submitted in the traditional competitive categories, common to all rural agricultural fairs: preserves, sweet and savoury baking, gardening, needlecrafts, etc. All our entries were cheerfully Disqualified by the judges, for reasons ranging from “not grown in a garden”, “lacking seeds”, “inedible” to “jar improperly sealed”: a rural Salon des Refusés.