As an artist and newcomer to Port Hope, Susan Campbell wants to enlist your help to create a sensory map of the area.




Port Hope Drift: Walking & Drawing Challenge

Download your map here!

How it works:

  1. You will be provided with a map and asked to pinpoint your favourite places in Port Hope.
  2. Maps can be picked up at The Little Station, or downloaded here.
  3. You are invited to write notes (a memory, a recollection, etc.) or draw directly onto the map. Feel free to use your own map (an old one or hand drawn) if you wish!
  4. Based on your mapped suggestions, Susan will then walk from one place to another, mapping and drawing what she sees, learns, and understands about these special places.

Please submit your maps to Critical Mass by Tuesday, July 14th.

Take a photo or scan of your map and email it to:

Or, if your favourite places are located beyond our printed map, you can use the free MapMyWalk app to mark your route, save it, and email the link to us!