Celebrate Canada 150 and Port Hope Heritage with us!

In celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial, and with the support from the province of Ontario through the Ontario 150 program, Critical Mass is presenting a mini MEGA Print Project from May 2017 through November 2017. The project will engage the community and professional artists from the region to create an artistic record of Port Hope’s heritage, and vision of our future!


In the months leading up to our Steamroller MEGA Print extravaganza, the public will be invited to attend a series of free hands-on printmaking workshops. Professional artists will teach participants how to make a small linocut (within the theme of Port Hope heritage, or a design of their wildest imaginings about what Canadian life might be like in 50 to 100 years).


Individual community prints will be included in a giant printed “Port Hope Heritage Quit,” and pressed on the street by a Steamroller at our 2-day printmaking event. In addition, the steamroller will produce a series of professionally designed Port Hope MEGA prints (4’x8’). In the weeks following the steamroller event, these giant community heritage quilts and artist designed MEGA prints will then be exhibited in public spaces around town for all to enjoy.


The mini MEGA Print Project’s Steamroller Printing event will be a 2-day public printmaking event that features the printing of large-scale relief prints on 4’x8′ wood blocks, free hands-on family-friendly printmaking activities, demonstrations, mini and MEGA print exhibits, street art, marketplace vendors, and more.

Our Steamroller sponsor, Behan Construction, will be onsite printing community and artist designed 4’x8′ MEGA prints using an 8-ton Steamroller, and turning a portion of Queen street into a humongous makeshift printing press.

We are also proud to be Cultivate Festival’s art partner this year! Our Print Event will be located in Rotary Park across the street from Cultivate Festival in Memorial Park. Cultivate festival-goers will also get to enjoy some printmaking workshops hosted by Critical Mass, and participate in a large scale community engaged art mural facilitated by one of our featured artists — Mique Michelle! For those outside the Cultivate gates, there is a new food-sampling marketplace on Augusta Street that is free to access. We’re looking forward to a terrific weekend of good food, drink, music and art!

Featured artist info and programming schedule coming soon!

  • Featured mini & MEGA Print Artists
  • Marketplace Vendors – graphic artists, illustrators, printmakers, bookbinders
  • Printmaking and Bookbinding Workshops
  • Demonstrations & Featured Artist Talk



ARTxPAN31 year old, Canadian Street Artist Pan Trinity Das (AKA @Artxpan) has spent half his life experimenting with a variety of different styles of art including: Abstract, Figurative, Landscape, Psychedelic, Portrait, and Sacred Geometry. Culminating in a blend of what he calls Ancient/Futurism or Spiritual Pop-Art, his brand of street art commentary stands out as  iconography of today’s modern-spiritual grit.

Following his adventurers heart, Pan usually  finds himself painting somewhere between the garbage ridden slums of India, to posh yoga resorts in tropical Thailand. To date, his murals can be seen in: India, Indonesia, France, USA, Germany, Canada, America, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, Australia and the Netherlands.

His work has been featured in: CNN, BBC, the Huffington Post, the Wallstreet Journal, the Times of India, Yoga Journal, the Toronto Star and the Canadian Press.

Jeffrey Macklin
Jeffrey MacklinJeffrey is a Peterborough, Ontario based artist, working primarily with relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media. He often employs words as visual triggers, as well as present-day/historical pop-culture icons and figures in both his print work and his mixed media pieces.
Kelly Kirkham

Kelly Kirkham Kelly Kirkham is a visual artist and puppet maker originally from Chatham, Ontario who has lived in the small town of Port Hope, Ontario since 2013. Drawing and painting are her first loves, and continue to inform the majority of her pieces, whether in two or three dimensions.

Although in the past she has kept her worlds of art making and puppet building separated, Kelly has recently folded her puppet work within her art practice, and is excited by the possibilities that have presented themselves. By painting and drawing on the cloth, accompanied by the addition of beading and embroidery, her puppets take on new depth and resonance.

Kelly attended the Ontario College of Art and Design, graduating from the Drawing & Painting program after spending her final year in Florence, Italy. In addition to a steady art practice involving drawing, painting, collage and assemblage work, she has built puppets for and performed with the puppet company Unraku in Toronto and has led puppeteering and puppet building workshops in both Toronto, Ontario and Bridgetown, Barbados.

Kelly is delightedly influenced by the puppets of Paul Klee, Nick Cave’s Soundsuits, and Janieta Eyre’s Lady Lazarus series, among many others.

Chrissy Poitras & Genna Kusch

Chrissy Poitras owns and operates an artist studio and residency in Picton called Spark Box Studio. She and her partner Kyle have been running Spark Box since graduating from their Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Queen’s University. She was also a professor at Loyalist College in the Art and Design Foundation program for four years.

Genna Kusch graduated from the same program as Chrissy at Queen’s but went on to do a post graduate degree in education and has been teaching ever since. Her focus is English and Art.

Christine Benson

Christine BensonChristine graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2003 where she received her A.O.C.A.D with a Major in Printmaking and graduated in 2004 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Throughout her career at OCAD she was the recipient of several Awards of Merit for her work in the medium of printmaking including the 2001 Award for Proficiency in Printmaking, the 2002 OCAD Printmaking Award, the 2002 OCAD Printmaking Book Arts Award and the 2003 OCAD Printmaking Award presented to a graduating student.   Since then she has dedicated her artistic practise to relief printmaking and to her fascination and interest in “connections”.  She doesn’t think it is a coincidence that relief printmaking became her chosen medium due to its own connection with early communication through hand-carved and hand-printed images- a compliment to moveable type and the printing press which all represented the first forms of mass communication.  Christine is inspired by her connection with the natural environment, family and is interested in investigating how modern ways of “connecting” through texting and social media has affected how we interact with people and our environments.

Christine is also the owner of Journey Through the Arts a multi-faceted arts facility based in Port Hope that includes art and music lessons for children and adults, a Summer Program and an In-the-Schools Program. To connect with Christine please visit www.journeythroughthearts.com.

Mique Michelle
Mique MichelleA Franco-Ontarian from Field, Mique’s nomadic journeys allowed her to exercise her graffiti from northern Ontario to France, Mexico and the U.S.A. Through her travels, she has evolved as a mixed media artist and an active facilitator of the arts in Ontario. Her work can be seen in galleries, on public buildings and on outdoor venues. Mique remains a strong advocate for abolishing negative perceptions of graffiti.
Liz Parkinson

Liz ParkinsonLiz Parkinson is a Port Hope artist who is interested in how we construct identity and order memory through choices in the things we gather around us. Through the collection, categorization and display of representations of the natural world she considers the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and our environment.

Liz’s MEGA print is part of her current project The Tangled Garden and is composed as a 19th century tapestry that imagines an ideal Port Hope garden forever flowering and fruiting.

Liz’s prints are in public and private collections including The Canada Council Art Bank, External Affairs Canada, The Federal Business Development Bank, The Toronto Stock Exchange, The Canadian Securities Commission, The Tom Thomson Gallery, The Whitby Station Gallery and The Art Gallery of Northumberland. She has received Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council grants to support her work.

Keep an eye out here as we confirm more artists!


Project made possible with LARGE-scale support from the Province of Ontario through the Ontario 150 program.

mini MEGA Sponsors
If you are interested in being an esteemed sponsor of the mini MEGA Print Project and Steamroller event, please send an email to info@criticalmassart.com and we will contact you with more information.


Volunteers will receive a mini MEGA apron, free beverages and snacks, and our eternal gratitude. Email info@criticalmassart.com for more information.