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Christine Benson, Balancing in the Branches

40” x 79” – Kozuke natural Japanese paper.

Christine graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2003 where she received her A.O.C.A.D with a Major in Printmaking and graduated in 2004 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Throughout her career at OCAD she was the recipient of several Awards of Merit for her work in the medium of printmaking including the 2001 Award for Proficiency in Printmaking, the 2002 OCAD Printmaking Award, the 2002 OCAD Printmaking Book Arts Award and the 2003 OCAD Printmaking Award presented to a graduating student. Since then she has dedicated her artistic practise to relief printmaking and to her fascination and interest in “connections”. She doesn’t think it is a coincidence that relief printmaking became her chosen medium due to its own connection with early communication through hand-carved and hand-printed images- a compliment to moveable type and the printing press which all represented the first forms of mass communication. Christine is inspired by her connection with the natural environment, family and is interested in investigating how modern ways of “connecting” through texting and social media has affected how we interact with people and our environments.

Christine is also the owner of Journey Through the Arts a multi-faceted arts facility based in Port Hope that includes art and music lessons for children and adults, a Summer Program and an In-the-Schools Program. To connect with Christine please visit

Her MEGA print is called Balancing in the Branches. Can you guess which Port Hope icon is balancing on the branch?!

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