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ARTxPAN, Grand Trunk Viaduct, Port Hope

2 prints available.
77” x 40” – Kozuke natural Japanese paper.
With graffiti detail. Tagged

31 year old Canadian Street Artist Pan Trinity Das (AKA @Artxpan) has spent half his life experimenting with a variety of different styles of art including: Abstract, Figurative, Landscape, Psychedelic, Portrait, and Sacred Geometry. Culminating in a blend of what he calls Ancient/Futurism or Spiritual Pop-Art, his brand of street art commentary stands out as iconography of today’s modern-spiritual grit.

Following his adventurer’s heart, Pan usually finds himself painting somewhere between the garbage ridden slums of India, to posh yoga resorts in tropical Thailand. To date, his murals can be seen in: India, Indonesia, France, USA, Germany, Canada, America, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, Australia and the Netherlands.

His work has been featured in: CNN, BBC, the Huffington Post, the Wallstreet Journal, the Times of India, Yoga Journal, the Toronto Star and the Canadian Press.

Pan’s MEGA print is a modern re-interpretation of an iconic Port Hope image of the Grand Trunk Viaduct.

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