Auction Item 10

Mique Michelle, Chinook

3 prints available.
77” x 40”
Kozuke natural Japanese paper with graffiti detail
. Signed.

A Franco-Ontarian from Field, Mique’s nomadic journeys allowed her to exercise her graffiti from northern Ontario to France, Mexico and the U.S.A. Through her travels, she has evolved as a mixed media artist and an active facilitator of the arts in Ontario. Her work can be seen in galleries, on public buildings and on outdoor venues. Mique remains a strong advocate for abolishing negative perceptions of graffiti.

Her MEGA print, Chinook, showcases the natural beauty within the Ganaraska River. While painting a mural in Port Hope, Mique was hit by a great Chinook salmon working it’s way up stream, while she was wading in the river.

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