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Peter Doig, Suban and Nolan

3 prints available.
40” x 56” – 
Kozuke natural Japanese paper.

Peter Doig is among the world’s most renowned living painters. Born in the UK, Doig soon moved to Trinidad with his parents, and then to Canada, where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. A move back to the UK saw him attend St. Martin’s School of Art; after a stay in Montreal, he returned to London to attend Chelsea School of Art, where he eventually obtained his MA. Doig’s breakthrough was a John Moores Prize win in 1993; in 1994, he was nominated for the Turner Prize. Doig is known for his personal, hallucinatory exploration of landscape in painting, arguably in the tradition of European and North American proto-modernists, like the Nabis or David Milne. Well-known works include Canoe Lake and Echo Lake (as much references to the Canadian bush as to a scene in the horror film Friday the 13th). In 2002, Doig returned to Trinidad, where he still lives, though he also maintains a studio in New York. Doig’s paintings are famous for the high prices they fetch; in 2007, his White Canoe set a sales record for a living European artist, going at auction for $10 million. In 2008 and 2009, a retrospective of his work toured to London, Paris and Frankfurt.

Doig’s MEGA print was inspired by a photograph capturing a moment on the telly of PK Subban (then Montreal) and Jordan Nolan. Doig’s interest was, “in the distortion that occurred from seeing the image through the arena’s glazing and that moment that the still image was able to capture that the eye could not see.”

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