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Critical Mass is operated by a volunteer group of curators, artists, and art enthusiasts in and around the Port Hope and Northumberland area.

If you would like more information about our Board of Directors, and/or have an interest in joining a team, please contact us at info@criticalmassart.com.

Back, left to right: Jason Schmidt, Philip Goldsmith, Anna Tucka, Sarah Jacob, Charles Wickett (photo taken by self-timer, 2018)

Front: Miles Bowman (ft. Gus Schmidt), Debbie Beattie

In recent weeks the Black Lives Matter movement has shifted how we notice and talk about ongoing forms of racism that impact our daily lives. We acknowledge and welcome this necessary shift. What’s more, we acknowledge that our solidarity requires action. 

The perspectives of BIPOC artists have not always been considered in Canadian contemporary art and more broadly in shaping Canadian culture. This must change. Our organization affirms our support for — and commitment to our part in — dismantling systemic racist practices that limit or remove BIPOC artists’ works from engaging our community.

Critical Mass believes art is for everyone. It shapes our experiences and shows us new perspectives. We have worked to offer programming that is accessible, inclusive, and serves the diversity of our region. However, we know we can do better. Our community deserves to experience the rich cultural benefits from all Canadians including those from BIPOC artists.

We recognize that changing racist systems is a process and that we have much to do: it involves listening to all voices in our community; reaching out and consulting with new groups and individuals; and generating new ways of considering what art is, what we present, and who we bring it to. We welcome this work and look forward to announcing organizational changes that more actively center on anti-racist practices to bring art to all of our community.

If you’d like to know more about what you can do, consider these 20 groups helping out across Canada. More locally, the Alderville First Nation, and Northumberland County are working to address racism aided by initiatives from Horizons of Friendship, Green Wood Coalition and others. Thank you for joining us on this journey. You can help us do better as we grow by emailing feedback to info@criticalmassart.com

Executive Committee

Miles Bowman | President (and, occasionally, Goose)

Anna Tucka | Secretary

Sarah Yoo | Treasurer

Charles Wickett | Past President

Directors at Large

Liz Parkinson

Greg McHarg

Graeme Steel

Peter McLeod

Keri-Lee Kroeger

Curatorial Committee

Liz Parkinson | Committee Chair, Artist, Curatorial Member, Co-founder

Fiona Crangle | Artist, Curatorial Member, Co-founder

Kelly Kirkham | Artist, Curatorial Member

Brynley Longman | Artist, Curatorial Member

Alex Kirkham | Artist, Curatorial Member

Debbie Beattie | Program Director, Curatorial Member


Fundraising Committee

Seats Available

Communications Committee

Graeme Steel | Committee Chair

Keri-Lee Kroeger | Committee Member

Debbie Beattie | Staff, Committee Member

Rosalie Byrnes | Contributing Committee Member, 2019

Summer Students

Made possible through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Madeline McHarg | Digital Researcher 2021

Joseph Oladimeji | Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Summer Student 2021

Margaret Cavanagh-Wall | Fundraising Consultant, Summer Student 2021

Emilie Mann | Communications Coordinator, Summer Student 2021

Jane Weeks | Research Archivist, Summer Student 2020

Amber Morley | Communications Coordinator, Summer Student 2020

Madeleine Sinnott | Communications Coordinator, Summer Student 2019

Connor Holmes | Communications Coordinator, Summer Student 2018



Made possible through the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Debbie Beattie | Program Director 

Contact: 905-269-2120
Email: info@criticalmassart.com