Call for Submissions




Artist: Mique Michelle | Photo: Alex Kirkham

Artist Call: Critical Mass Residencies, Soundscapes, and community-focused Arts Leaders & Innovators

Critical Mass has chosen “Where do we go from here?” for its 2021-2022 programming theme.

We are looking for multiple artists to lead us in generating conversations and safe community engagement art activities that shift all of our thinking about contemporary art and our place in the world. 

We want to look widely, think deeply, discuss and activate programming important for our community right now and that will help shape Critical Mass and Port Hope in the future.

Submission Deadline:
Sunday, August 8, 2021
by 11:59 p.m.


ZOOM INFORMATION SESSIONS: (registration required)

1) Wednesday, July 21, 2021 @7PM 

2) Wednesday, July 28, 2021 @7PM

3) Sunday, August 1, 2021 @2PM


1) 4 Residencies – 2022 Season

Length: 4 weeks
(June, July, August, September)

$5,000 (per curator, artist, or collective)

Port Hope, Ontario 

Not a live-in residency.


2) 2 Soundscapes – 2021-2022 Season


$7,500 (per artist, or collective)
(includes licensing agreement)

3) 2 Art Leaders – 2021-2022

$5,000 (per curator, artist, or collective)

4) 2 Art Innovators – 2021-2022

$5,000 (per curator, artist, or collective)

Accessibility: The Little Station gallery and artist studio is a partially-accessible facility.

Multiple Opportunities for Residencies, Soundscapes, and Community-Focused Art Leaders & Innovators!

All of our lives have been shaken by both the pandemic and the important cultural and social issues brought to the forefront this past year. We are now at a time and place of change. 

Where do we go from here? 

As we move into our second decade as a centre for contemporary art, we are looking for artists to look widely, think deeply, discuss and lead new programming that addresses current societal shifts to expand our thinking and deepen our relationship with every member of the community. Critical Mass exists to generate interactive contemporary art experiences for all.

What have we learned? How have we adapted? What do we carry forward? What do we leave behind? 

Join us in mapping our direction by addressing real change on a personal, collective and institutional level.

To reach our goals we are looking for multiple artists to lead us in generating conversations and safe community engagement art activities that shift all of our thinking about contemporary art and our place in the world.  We are seeking 4 Artists in Residence, 2 Sound Artists, 2 Community Artist Leaders and 2 Artist Innovators who want the opportunity to examine these important issues with Critical Mass and the Port Hope community over the next year. 

A) Opportunity #1: Artists in Residence (4 positions)

Summer 2022 Residencies

We have 4 month-long artist residency opportunities for our 2022 season, which take place between June 2022 and September 2022. How are you as an artist or artist collective addressing critical contemporary issues in your work? What do you want to change? How would access to our urban/rural audience make a difference in your practice?

Learn more about the Artist-in-Residence program in our program overview.

B) Opportunity #2: Sound Artists (2 positions)

Begin work in Fall 2021 for launch Summer 2022

How would access to our SoundWalks mobile app enhance your practice and further develop your thinking about important contemporary issues? How would you address these in a sound walk in Port Hope?

Read more for info about our SoundWalks mobile app.

C) Opportunity #3: Community Art Leaders (2 positions)

Begin community consultations Summer 2021 with project completion by Spring/Summer 2022

How would you use your community-based art practice to act as a catalyst of change within our urban/rural community? What grassroots approach would you imagine trying that could excite interest and help our community recover from the pandemic and importantly connect with each other?

This opportunity should begin with community consultations in the Summer of 2021 with work during the fall and winter and project completion by Summer 2022. The artist or art collectives will use their community art practice to lead safe interactive community art experiences to promote collective, positive long-lasting community relationships leading to a culminatory installation in public places.

D) Opportunity #4: Art Innovators (2 positions)

Begin Fall 2021, end by Spring 2022

As a curator, artist or artist collective do you have a vision for the future? Is there a project you would like to initiate that can develop over time? Consult with us so that together we can create new ways of presenting meaningful contemporary art experiences that resonate now and in the future.

This opportunity is for curators, artists or arts collectives to consult with Critical Mass to develop and instigate innovative, inclusive and sustainable programming.

We are seeking artists to propose “art-post-pandemic” projects to expand our organization’s and our community’s imagination with respect to arts and post-pandemic recovery. These projects (developed through the upcoming winter and displayed by April 2022 would challenge our community to think about art’s place in our emergence and challenge our organization to think about how it presents art that inspires change. Importantly, both these positions would involve consultation and solution-finding about public art display that breaks from the traditional gallery model. Potential examples include (digital gallery on our website, or mobile art display unit using elements already approved in the grant).

Who can apply?

You or your artist collective can apply to one, many, or all of our opportunities. The Critical Mass curatorial team will consider all proposals to curate a cohesive, meaningful/healing/thoughtful/ challenging, and visionary contemporary art program for the Port Hope community now and in the future.

Artists living in, or with connections to, the region are particularly encouraged to apply. Projects that incorporate distance or remote components, or other innovative virtual forms of residency, are also welcome.

Critical Mass is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. We welcome the unique contributions that you bring.

Critical Mass gratefully thanks the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Municipality of Port Hope for funding of these projects.

Application Deadline: Sunday, August 8, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.

To apply, submit your application through our online “Submittable” application form.


For all inquiries, contact:
Debbie Beattie (she/her)
Program Director
Critical Mass Art
Port Hope, ON