Artist: Cécile Hug | Image: Ouiseau et Regard

Cécile HUG – APRIL, 2021

2020/2021 Artist-in-Residence Program: Environment

Critical Mass chose Environment for its 2020 programming theme.

Artists are invited to explore this theme in terms of the natural and/or cultural environment as widely or as narrowly as their practice and interests dictate.

Residency 2021: 
April/May 2021 @ The Little Station (Lent Lane)

Herbarium and Plant House Making  Workshops:
Saturday, Oct 3 @ 9:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m.
Saturday, Oct 10 @ 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

Let us know you plan to attend, on our Facebook Event Page. And, drop by the Little Station on your way to or from the Port Hope Farmers’ Market.

Participation is limited and physical distancing measures and health & safety measures will be in place. 

Paris artist, Cécile Hug, walks you through how to select, gather, and pick your choices for your Herbarium.

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Paris, France
Port Hope, Ontario

Connect with Schuyler Dawson:
Instagram: @cecilehug


At the origin of each of Cécile Hug’s creations, there is a gathering, whether it is plant, animal or sound. To gather is to observe, to walk, to listen, to feel, to choose. Born on the shores of the Lake of Geneva, with winegrowers for parents, Cécile grew up with the rhythm of nature. As a child, she took part in the harvest. She learned very early how to handle pruning shears. To observe before choosing the right cut. Cécile’s work allows her to prolong this transmitted gesture. Archaic gesture that nevertheless questions the future. With the fragility of our ecosystem, Cécile questions what will be the gatherings of tomorrow?

The relationship of humans to nature and nature to humans, this vital but nevertheless often undermined link that unites them, is in the centre of Cécile Hug’s installations, drawings, sculptures and sound pieces.

Although she has been living and working in Paris for many years, it is in the countryside that she finds inspiration and materials for her creations. Her residencies in Spain, Portugal and Italy have also considerably nourished her work. Each time, it was a real meeting with a nature, a community.


During her residency at the Little Station, Cécile will share her interest for gathering with the Port Hope community, encouraging the community to explore their natural environment. A time of collection, where the community will gather elements that for them constitute the richness of their territory, especially on the shores of the Ganaraska’s River. This picking will be done in a way that respects nature. Cécile’s artistic practice has taught her to never deteriorate; to pick only what can be taken. During her residency, she will conduct workshops with children, adults and seniors.

Together with Cécile, the community will make a series of drawings in which plants find their place on the surface of the paper. It will not be necessary to have any drawing experience to participate in these workshops. Beginners will be welcomed.

Cécile would also like to invite the inhabitants of Port Hope to participate in a series of recordings, during which she will ask different questions, simple questions, without any form of judgment, about their relationship with nature. From these harvested testimonies, she will compose a sound piece. The various conversations of the people will be mixed with natural sounds recorded on the shores of the Ganaraska’s River. The sound piece will be part of an installation created and based on Hug’s observations of Porte Hope’s natural resources. It will be offered to the community in an exhibition at the Little Station, at the end of her residency.