Our Values

WHY (we do it)

At a strategic planning session held in June 2017, Critical Mass Board members were asked to explain WHY contemporary art was important to them. These were the answers that emerged and that shape our core values.

Art allows us to experience a Beautiful Life
– Art gives us a richness and quality of life. Art fulfills a love of beauty that we have.

Art Challenges us – Art provides us with a new lens, to see things in a new and different way, and tests ourselves to challenge the way we see the world. Art erases boundaries and influences you.

Art reshapes I/we – It is participatory; it involves sharing and connection.

Art hits you in the feels – it stirs your guts, and makes you feel something.

Why is contemporary art important to YOU? Feel free to drop us a note to share your thoughts!


Identity: Art is a way of expressing who we are and how we are seen – we allow individuals to share in our experiences and see themselves as part of something bigger.

New Views: Seeing new perspectives in art can shift what we see in the world – we help our audience explore their world and their place in it.

Beauty: Life is better with the beauty of art – we want our community to appreciate the richness that the art brings to the world.

Impact: Art can stir our emotions – we offer projects designed to evoke emotion and leave an impression.