We’re off to see the Wizard! 



We are delighted to welcome artist Clelia Scala back to Port Hope to bring her magic and artistry to this whimsical, illuminated Wizard of Oz themed puppet and costume parade!

Artist Bio:
Clelia Scala is Kingston-based visual artist whose work includes mask and puppet design, installations, collage, and illustration. As a puppet and mask designer and builder, she has worked with a variety of organizations and theatre companies, including Bad New Days, the Calliope Collective, Carousel Players, Guilty by Association, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Odyssey Theatre, Queen’s University, Suitcase in Point, Yale University, and Zacadia Circus. Clelia’s visual art has shown in galleries in Canada and the United States and is in private collections across North America. Clelia is the recipient of the 2019 Established Artist Award for the City of St Catharines. Her work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Kingston Arts Council, and the St Catharines Cultural Investment Program (with Puppet-A-Go-Go). She teaches design in the Dan School of Drama & Music at Queen’s University.

Connect with Clelia Scala
Website: clelia.ca


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There is no cost to participate in the parade, and you are most welcome to come dressed in your own Wizard of Oz themed costumes. There will also be some pre-made accessories available that you can carry in the parade (and keep in exchange for a small donation). Your donation for these items will help offset the cost of materials for the parade and will support future programming for the Vintage Film Festival.
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PLEASE NOTE: You do not need tickets to the film to participate in the Costume Parade or Workshops. Tickets to see Wizard of Oz are $12.50 each and must be purchased through the Capitol Theatre ticketing system. Great news for youth! Tickets are free for youth 25 and under! However, all tickets must still be reserved through the Capitol Theatre ticketing system (paid and complimentary tickets). There is a $2.50 Capitol Theatre improvement fee applied to each transaction. If you are purchasing or reserving multiple tickets for your group, it is best to do this all at once, so that you are only charged the $2.50 fee once.
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