How to participate

Find and Seek
all the flora and fauna in the illustrated banners on display in Lent Lane. How many have you seen in Monkey Mountain or at the mouth of A.K. Sculthorpe Marsh? You will find a list of species on the panels as well as on the back of the postcard versions.

Take a Selfie.
Post it on your fave social media site and tag us @criticalmassart


Take and share a free Postcard.
Take a postcard, colour it, and send it to a friend or loved one!

Postcards are available in Lent Lane by the selfie banners, in the drop box at the Little Station, and at Furby House Books and participating businesses around Port Hope.

Share a copy of your finished postcard version with Critical Mass!

Colour and submit your postcard to us for a future community exhibition at the Little Station, or digital gallery.

Sharing options:
1. Drop off at the Little Station drop box (in Lent Lane). 

2. Or email a photo of your postcard to

3. Or, post your photo on Instagram, and tag us @criticalmassart









Two selfie panels will be hung in Lent Lane during the Candlelight Festival – Monkey Mountain and A.K. Sculthorpe Woodland Marsh by artist Madeleine Sinnott. The panels depict local flora and fauna of Port Hope. The first portrays a path on the south end of Monkey Mountain, and the second shows the mouth of Gage’s Creek. The panels employ one-point perspective, drawing the viewer in, and heightening engagement and intrigue. You can put yourself within these landscapes in two ways: facing the panel, and facing away from the panel.

You are invited to engage with the art by composing a selfie in front of the panels and colouring your own postcard version. Post your images to your instagram page and tag @criticalmassart. Send your postcard to a friend or loved one that you miss and wish were here in Port Hope.

Facing the panel, explore Port Hope’s flora and fauna and inspect the minutiae and detail. In colouring the postcard version, you are asked to spend time with each creature and plant. Can you find and seek all the species listed on the panels?

Facing away from the panel, pose your selfie in relation to the details of the image. Which parts of the artist’s landscape will you feature?

Whether interacting with the installation for a selfie, or colouring the postcards in at home, the artist hopes you contemplate Port Hope’s abundant diversity and how we interact with it.

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Connect with Port Hope’s landscape in a new way, and share and connect with a loved one who you wished were here with you. We can’t meet in large groups right now, but you can colour and send this postcard to someone you miss. Let them know you are thinking of them. And invite your family and friends to do the same!


Madeleine Sinnott is a local emerging artist, recently graduated from NSCAD University with a degree in Textile Design and a minor in Illustration. Madeleine works in a wide variety of media, from pencil and watercolour to tapestry weaving and block printing. Her main source of inspiration remains her hometown of Port Hope. 

Nostalgia, liminality, the comfortable, and the uncomfortable are Madeleine’s favourite themes to explore. In her work, she aims to glorify the mundane and analyze personal growth in static spaces.

For more information contact:
Debbie Beattie
Critical Mass: A Centre for Contemporary Art
p. 905-269-2120