Cécile Hug:

About Cécile Hug

At the origin of each of Cécile Hug’s creations, there is a gathering, whether it is plant, animal or sound. To gather is to observe, to walk, to listen, to feel, to choose. Born on the shores of the Lake of Geneva, with winegrowers for parents, Cécile grew up with the rhythm of nature. As a child, she took part in the harvest. She learned very early how to handle pruning shears. To observe before choosing the right cut. Cécile’s work allows her to prolong this transmitted gesture. Archaic gesture that nevertheless questions the future. With the fragility of our ecosystem, Cécile questions what will be the gatherings of tomorrow?

The relationship of humans to nature and nature to humans, this vital but nevertheless often undermined link that unites them, is in the centre of Cécile Hug’s installations, drawings, sculptures and sound pieces.



Immerse yourself in the lush natural environment of Port Hope!

Join us in this free two-part workshop as we harvest and display specimens of our local flora to pave the way for Parisian artist Cecile Hug’s 2021 residency with Critical Mass.

Contribute a page or two to a traditional Herbarium, and then build your own little waxed plant house, perfect as a Thanksgiving centrepiece!

Where: The Little Station

When: October 3rd & October 10th

Why: To familiarize yourself with the diversity and magnitude of our local plant life!

Please note:

COVID-19 physical distancing and health & safety precautions will be in place. Workshop will take place outside. Participation will be limited. Please wear a mask & keep a 2 meter-distance from other participants.