Tracey-Mae Chambers

TMC Dover Installation






Tracey-Mae Chambers grew up as a stranger to her own story. At an early age, she was adopted and re-named, grafted into a new family tree. It was only into adulthood that her Métis culture was revealed, setting her on a new path of rediscovery. Today, the artist’s identity as an Indigenous heritage woman coexists with her interest in the natural world, both of which inform her creative practice. Her work can be found in numerous public and private art collections across North America and Europe.

Chambers is a proud member of the Métis Nation of Ontario, and her ancestors are from the Drummond Island community. She currently lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario.

Images provided by artist. Installations at Parliament Hill, Dover, and Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Hope and Healing Canada

A series of site installations across Canada with red yarn by Hamilton-based Métis artist Tracey-Mae Chambers.

On Wednesday, December 15th, Critical Mass Art is delighted to host Hamilton-based Métis installation artist Tracey-Mae Chambers as she brings Hope and Healing Canada – a project that she is touring across the country – to Port Hope for a day.

Starting in the morning, Chambers will be on the front lawn of Town Hall, situated near the Lt. Colonel Williams statue, stitching together intricate and complex geometric designs with thousands of meters of red yarn for a live, one-day outdoor art installation, with the goal of her artwork starting a conversation about decolonization.

The installations use red yarn, which she reuses at various locations to act as a way of creating a visual and tangible image of connectivity. Also aimed as an act of decolonization and offering hope to find healing and a way of deeper understanding. 

As her work makes its way across the country, each installation will look different depending on where it’s hosted, but the message of hope and healing will remain the same. There are 74 confirmed sites on her tour so far.

Throughout the day, residents are invited to watch, pause and reflect, and to engage with Chambers as she works on the art installation. Passers-by are also invited to take and share images of her process using the hashtag #hopeandhealing.


TMC Parliament Hill
TMC Indoor Installation
TMC Black Creek Pioneer Village