Yvonne Singer
I do, I undo, I redo


Yvonne Singer is a distinguished Canadian artist who is respected for her contributions as a practicing artist with an international exhibition record; and as an educator, in her role as Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University. “I do, I undo, I redo” (2011) commemorates the first anniversary of the death of Franco- American artist Louise Bourgeois at age 98. The work is an homage to Bourgeois’ monumental sculptural installation of the same name. For Singer, the phrase succinctly describes the nature of her creative process as an artist. At a superficial level, the phrase may refer to the simple pleasure to be gained from order and repetition in one’s daily routine. More deeply, the phrase refers to the manner in which one attempts to resolve conflicts through the subconscious, compulsive repetition of familial storylines, transcending even generational boundaries.