Send us your selfie.

Deadline for photos: Nov 20th


  • Take a photo of your face. (Shoulders up please)
  • Send us a high resolution photo. (Photos will be printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper, so we want to make sure your photo isn’t blurry.)
  • Do not crop your photo, we will need to see your full face.

HOW to Participate






We are Here  – A Community Art Installation

Be Part of the Art.

Critical Mass invites you to be in good company this winter.

We Are Here is a community art installation –in Lent Lane, Port Hope – made up of the smiling faces of Port Hope and its visitors.

This community art installation is easy, safe, and open to all! All we need is a photo of your face.

Each portrait will be printed and strung together to make the smiliest bunting you’ve ever seen. We’ll print all the faces and string them together to make a long chain of happy faces, connecting us all, in a time that we are unable to come together.

This installation will be suspended over Lent Lane, and may even spill out into the shops in downtown Port Hope.


To remind ourselves and the public that our community remains stronger united, especially through times like these.

Though social distancing protects us all, this bunting is a positive nod to the fact that we’re all still here to support each other as a community.

We can’t meet in large groups right now, but you can walk by this installation and imagine us all together again.

Invite your family and friends to participate! The more smiley photos, the merrier!

For more information contact:
Debbie Beattie
Critical Mass: A Centre for Contemporary Art
p. 905-269-2120